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Musik In Nebel (Fog Music) - Density 512

  • Scottish Rite Theatre (map)

Musik in Nebel (Fog Music): exploring improvisation and ambiguity with Liminal Sound Series

Sunday, June 30
Scottish Rite Theater, 5pm

Christine Burke half murmur
Alan Retamozo new work*
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten new work*
Jeff Snyder Substratum**
Camila Agosto Chain Reaction
Vinko Globokar Kaleidoskop im Nebel

*commission and world premiere
**world premiere of new arrangement


In collaboration with Liminal Sound Series
Nicholas Perry Clark, conductor

Musik in Nebel (Fog Music) explores music that is largely improvised, ambiguous, and inspired by stream-of-consciousness composition. We present two brand-new commissions by local composers, Alan Retamozo and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, as well as a commissioned arrangement of a concerto for pedal steel guitar by Jeff Snyder featuring Bob Hoffnar, Director of the Liminal Sound Series.

The music that Density512 plays is generally notated with great complexity. Musicians struggle to try and replicate the sounds that are exactly what the composer intended. But some composers take a different approach, by giving the performers more control. Camila Agosto's Chain Reaction is a series of musical images that the players interpret simultaneously. In Christine Burke's half murmur, the composer supplies a page with specific directions for all the instruments and gives them seconds of time to elaborate on what she's written. We end the show with Vinko Globokar, a trombonist, composer, and wild improviser. His work, Kaleidoskop im Nebel (Kaleidoscope in fog) fits with the other works as it is a stream-of-consciousness collage of sounds. The music is comprised of intricate instrumental techniques, peculiar percussion resonances, and even coughing and laughing from orchestra members as if we have stumbled into the middle of Globokar's improvisatory creative space.